Current projects


  • Examine the care labour market (ECEC and LTC) and its industrial relations
  • Impact of the development of collective bargaining on working conditions

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  • Improve working conditions in the social services sector
  • Attractiveness
  • Capacity building for employers’ organisations

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  • Better accessing and using EU funds for the social services sector 

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  • Improve working conditions in the social services sector
  • Skills & training

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  • Guidelines and recommendations to employ foreign workers in the social sevices sector
  • Vocational training program for HR and managers

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Past projects

EU-OSHA Campaign “Healthy Workplaces – Lighten the load”

  • Raise awareness on MSDs.
  • Discuss the impact of MSDs on the social services workforce and how to prevent them in the sector, including via the involvement of social partners.


  • Improve the attractiveness of the social services sector.
  • Further build capacities of social partners in social services at national and EU level.
  • Better manage current and future challenges.

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  • Working conditions and employment relations in the care sector.
  • Trade unions and employer associations’ strategies.


  • Develop training courses to enhance digital competences of professional caregivers, to better support persons with disabilities & their families.


  • Strengthen the capacity of social partners in social services.
  • Engage at national and European level in order to set up the adequate (national and EU) sectoral social dialogue structures.


  • Strengthen the capacity of the Federation of European Social Employers, in view of its participation in European Social Dialogue structures.

PESSIS Projects (I,II,III)

  • Promoting employers’ social services in social dialogue. 

The PESSIS projects aimed at the creation of a European network to represent employers in the social sector and eventually led to the founding of the Federation of European Social Employers in October 2017.