IWorCon aims to imprpove  the working conditions in social services sector to reinforce its attractiveness and building capacity for employers’ organisations.

Duration: August 2023 – February 2025

Funding: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, Support for social dialogue



  • Report on proposals to improve working conditions in social services.
  • Study visits in 6 countries (NL, CZ, FR, ES, AT,and BE) to further build capacity  for social dialogue and social services employers’ organisations. 
  • Report on main outcomes from the study visits.
  • Guide on how to create and manage effective employers’ organisations in social services.
  • 2 Thematic seminars.
  • 4 E-newsletters: 1st Newsletter
  • Final Conference.

  For more information, please contact:

  Alina Pavicevac
Project & Policy Officer