Social Services in Europe: Investing for the Future

The Federation of European Social Employers manifesto for the June 2024 European elections

The Social Employers’ Manifesto for the upcoming European elections aims to demonstrate to future European legislators that the social services sector, which employs more than nine million people in the EU-27, represents an economic and societal investment for the future.

According to the European Commission, “Public support for the care sector is a social investment which, in parallel with action on sustainable financing, brings multiple returns for individuals, society and the economy”. This statement puts evidence on the need to invest in social services.

Social services contribute to solidarity and social cohesion within European societies, constituting an indispensable element that brings benefits to both society and the economy at large. They facilitate access to the labour market and enable persons with relatives in need of care and support to maintain their professional activity. Social services allow individuals to balance work and care responsibilities. Without access to adequate social services, women especially notice the repercussions on their careers.

The Social Employers’ Manifesto also urges for a new Action Plan for the Care Strategy implementation at the beginning of the next mandate. The European Parliament could contribute to elevating the ambition of this Action Plan.

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Note to editor

The Federation of European Social Employers  is the voice of employers in the field of social services at European level, representing 31 members from 20 countries. This comprises all care and support services, especially for older persons, persons with disabilities, children and other excluded and disadvantaged persons. The Social Employers is a recognised EU Social Partner, part of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Social Services.

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