Foreign workers in social services: Guidelines & recommendations for HR personnel and managers

The FWSS project partners published their guidelines & recommendations on the employment of foreign workers in the social services sector to foster inclusivity and ensure the equitable treatment of all employees.

The FWSS project aims to remove barriers and create equal opportunities for foreign workers, to support their inclusion in the social care labour market.

The purpose of this document is to set out guidelines and recommendations on the recruitment process and employment of foreign workers in the social services sector. The recommendations are targeting HR personnel and managers at EU level and in the five targeted project countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France and Greece). This document aims to provide a roadmap for creating an environment that embraces diversity, and actively empowers and includes foreign workers.

The guidelines collected are based on the findings from the country reports in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France and Greece, put together by the FWSS project partners. The aim of the country reports was to identify obstacles foreign workers face in taking up employment, in order to better understand their needs and develop recommendations and guidance for organisations employing or seeking to employ foreign workers.

This document focuses on initiatives to address the four main challenges identified in the country reports:

  • Attractiveness of the sector
  • Administrative procedures
  • Support for foreign workers at work
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The guidelines & recommendations are available on the project website in English. Soon available also in French, German, Czech and Greek.

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