The Mission of WRZOS (Wspólnota Robocza Związków Organizacji Socjalnych) is to represent interests of individuals and groups of people who are socially marginalized and who are facing the threat of exclusion from society in Poland – by providing services to organisations and institutions addressing social issues.


The main objectives of WRZOS include:
• Representing the interests of its members before other civil partners (state administration, business sector, politicians),
• Supporting activities of member organisations,
• Co-ordination of exchange of experience and information among members,
• Lobbying for active participation in the processes of creating law regulations and social policy,
• Stimulation of co-operation and exchange of information with foreign partners,
• Supporting and developing civil activities, for example, by providing help in creation of new regional federations.

WRZOS is an associate member of the Federation of European Social Employers.