Sozialwirtschaft Österreich

The Association of Austrian social and health care providers (Sozialwirtschaft Österreich) was founded in 1997 and is the biggest representative for social services providers in Austria with nearly 430 member organisations.


Together with trade unions, the association is involved in negotiations on the nationwide collective agreement (SWÖ Kollektivvertrag), which regulates more than 100.000 employment contracts in the Austrian health and care sector.

The three pillars of Sozialwirtschaft Österreich’s work are advocacy, service and competence. The association is involved in law making processes relevant to the sector and represents their members’ interests in politics and administration. They communicate directly to their members and offer information and support. Through their competence centre for social policy, Sozialwirtschaft Österreich releases statements and research on social policy topics in order to contribute to quality social and political dialogue in Austria.

Sozialwirtschaft Österreich is a full member of the Federation of European Social Employers.