SERVICE MENSCH GmbH / Volkshilfe Niederösterreich is a joint operating non-profit company established in 1947 that aims to help, support and accompany people in order to improve or preserve their life situations. The organisation wants to help people gain opportunities to participate in social life and to be an integral part of society.


SERVICE MENSCH GmbH /  Volkshilfe Niederösterreich is one of the largest non-profit organisations in Austria with around 1,500 employees. Volunteers, officials, members and corporate partners do a great deal to make the work of the organisation possible.

SERVICE MENSCH GmbH / Volkshilfe Niederösterreich provides services in various areas:

  • For the elderly: More than 100 nursing teams offer help and advice to people of all ages with different needs, contributing to a dignified life in familiar surroundings.
  • For children and families: Supporting children, adolescents and adults through different services to be able to cope with family and non-family issues and demands.
  • Labour market projects: Support for job seekers with fewer opportunities on the labour market, provision of goal-oriented help for self-help in counselling, employment and qualification measures, with a focus on women and young people.
  • For refugees: Manage the provision of suitable accommodation for asylum seekers, taking care of their basic needs for the duration of the asylum procedure.

SERVICE MENSCH GmbH is an observer member of the Federation of European Social Employers.