Hyvinvointiala HALI ry

The Federation of Welfare Industries (Hyvinvointiala HALI ry) in Finland promotes the operating conditions of private social and health care services and companies providing early childhood education services and negotiates industry-wide collective agreements.


Hyvinvointiala HALI ry monitors the common interests of its members and advises them on employment and business policy issues. The organisation also provides up-to-date information on issues relating to the private social and health care sector as well as on collective agreements and their interpretation.

The 1,500 members of the organisation employ almost 85,000 social and healthcare professionals and early childhood education professionals. They provide, among others, elderly care, services for children and young people, medical services, rehabilitation, oral health care, substance abuse and mental health services, and work in the field of work organisation.

The organisation strives for high quality social services that are available to all Finns regardless of their life situation and income.

Hyvinvointiala HALI ry is a full member of the Federation of European Social Employers.