The mission of FONSS is to advocate for the involvement of non-profit social service providers (NGOs) in the elaboration and improvement of policies in the field of social services, in view of a sustainable, accessible, available sector of services, of good quality, in Romania.


The main objectives of FONSS are:

  • the active involvement of Romanian NGOs in the elaboration of local, regional, national, European and cross-border policies, related to the provision of social services;
  • monitoring social policies and contributing to the modernization of the legal and institutional framework of social services;
  • supporting NGOs in developing sustainable and good quality social services in communities;
  • raising awareness of fundamental human rights and social inclusion policies, by supporting citizens’ access to social services and measures to reduce poverty and social inclusion.

FONSS has a strategic framework and acts as a monitoring, advocacy and technical support platform in the field of social services, at national level. FONSS is very active in the consultation process with the authorities and public organizations. The federation is member in the national Consultation Board of Associations and Foundations, as well as in the Extended Group for the Romanian Employment Strategy post 2020.

FONSS is an associate member of the Federation of European Social Employers.