Arbeitgeberverband AWO Deutschland e.V.

AWO Employers’ Association (AGV AWO) represents more than 150 AWO organisations throughout Germany. AGV AWO engages in negotiations on collective agreements with trade unions on behalf of its member organisations in order to establish common tariff conditions.


Far reaching changes in the way AWO (Workers’ Welfare Association) is organised as well as changes in the financing of social work have led to an increased amount of outsourcing. AGV AWO was founded in 2003 in order to tackle challenges arising from new labor law-related conditions and to address the growing numbers of workers working outside collective bargaining agreements.

The aim of AGV AWO is to structure the tariff conditions of the different AWO organisations so that those conditions are no longer depending on the different organisations’ specific context. To achieve this, AGV AWO negotiates collective agreements for its member organisations and supports them in the fields of employment law and collective bargaining law.

AGV AWO is a full member of the Federation of European Social Employers.