Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia (SSZS)

The Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia (SSZS) represents the interests of providers of institutional care for the elderly and of adults with special needs. The Association unites 85 residential care homes and special care institutions with more than 11.000 employees.


The Association’s primary tasks are the provision of services to their members, always aiming to ensure the most stable and favourable environment for the implementation of activities. The Association also carries out tasks that derive from public authorizations according to the Social Security Act, and contractual and project tasks.

SSZS’s mission:
• Representing the interests of users and the social care sector with relevant stakeholders,
• establishing good normative frameworks for users and the sector,
• representing their members in negotiations for social care prices,
• creating a positive public image of the sector,
• exchanging of knowledge and good practices,
• advising their members.

SSZS also gathers statistical data about the sector, does public procurement for materials and services and collaborates in national and international projects. They also provide educational courses for the employees of their members.

SSZS is an observer member of the Federation of European Social Employers.