The Association of the Providers of Social Services in the Czech Republic (APSS CR) is the biggest professional organisation uniting providers of social services in the Czech Republic. Established in 1991, APSS CR brings together more than 987 organisations and 2345 registered services. President of the association is Jiří Horecký.


APSS CR presents and defends the interests of its members towards the government and towards non-government institutions. To do so, APSS CR elaborates professional statements, initiates external examinations, issues expert magazines and books and works towards the establishment of desirable law regulations regarding social services. The Association also informs about research findings on the work of providers of social services and passes on national and international expertise to its members.

APSS CR organises congresses, specialized conferences and education programs as well as the already traditional “Week of Social Services” of the Czech Republic. Through a national project that assesses the quality of care homes, APSS CR awards marks of quality to those institutions that pass the assessment.

APSS CR is a full member of the Federation of European Social Employers.